Employability Projects

UNITED for ALL are a social enterprise based in Dundee, Scotland with strong links to Dundee United FC and our major focus at present is to assist disadvantaged people to access independent employment through a process of accredited training and personal support. The people we intend to work with generally experience a number of barriers to accessing and sustaining employment. However, we believe most can overcome these issues through their hard work and determination and go on to achieve their goals.

We have some innovative training projects planned for various groups such as looked after children who will become school leavers at Christmas, lone parents and long term unemployed adults aged over 50 which will be based at Tannadice Park, the home of Dundee United FC. We intend to deliver Welfare to Work services in partnership with local agencies using football as the hook to engage clients. Our Trustees at UNITED for ALL believe that football has a huge capacity for developing and contributing to interpersonal skills.

A very successful initiative "Support for Employment" which is a partnership between DUFC, JobCentre Plus, Careers Scotland and Claverhouse Training has now been running for a couple of years and we aim to build on the valuable experience gained from this outstanding project and develop more courses.

We have successfully run two pilot courses in partnership with Children 1st and The Venture Trust already with funding obtained from Awards for All and are now actively seeking more sustainable funding which will enable us to develop and prepare learning materials for two regular annual programmes with a view to starting the first course in Summer of 2011. These will be designed to improve literacy, numeracy, IT skills, fitness, self-esteem, motivation, confidence, develop team building skills and enhance job opportunities for participants.

Work Programme 

Welfare-to-Work is a long standing Government policy that aims to provide education, training and employment programmes for the unemployed (including the long-term unemployed, single parents and those on a health-related benefit). Service delivery is generally outsourced to a mix of private, public and voluntary sector organisations all of which get funded largely on results.

The Government believes that we need to encourage responsibility and fairness in the welfare system. That means providing help for those who cannot work, training and targeted support for those who turn down reasonable offers of work or training.

In April 2011 the Government is discontinuing most of the exisiting welfare-to-work programmes and creating instead one single, new programme that is called The Work Programme.

Here is a clip from the Work and Pensions Committee of Monday 14 March that explains the latest news about providers and contracting arrangements.

Work Programme: providers and contracting arrangements

Evidence given by Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, Minister of State, Department for Work and Pensions,
Mark Fisher, Jobseekers and Skills Director,
and Alan Cave, Delivery Director, Department for Work and Pensions.